How to save a highlight from Overwatch?

For now, there is no official option how to get your highlights from the Overwatch client. Soon™. Usually people use third-party applications. Here we listed the most popular solutions.


NVIDIA Shadowplay

Navigate to “Preferences” in GeForce Experience client and find there “ShadowPlay” button, click it. If needed provide keys for capturing you gaming process. There are default settings: ALT + F10 will save your last five minutes if gameplay. ALT + F9 switches capturing, press it when you want to record a highlight.

AMD Gaming Evolved

In your AMD Gaming Evolved program look for the Gear Settings, where you can customize videos’ quality. The length of the video you can set in the General section. To record a video just press CTRL+ – it will start recording immediately.

Windows 10 DVR

When you want to capture a video press Win. key + G, you will see the record icon, press it to start capturing. If you want to stop capturing do steps above again.

Other options (might be paid)


Fortunately both popular console platform have convenient ways to record and share your gameplay. You do not need to install them because they are in the default kit.

PlayStation 4:

When using DualShock 4 just make a double-press on the Share button. It will toggle video capturing. After that press it again to stop recording.

Xbox One:

In your DVR app find on option to “start a new clip”. It will start recording for five minutes. In case you want to stop earlier press “end clip now”.


Sit comfortably and try to concentrate on your highlight. Memorize the overall picture, team setups, pay attention to small details. After than you will be able to share your highlights with friends using words (general guide here) or visual tools such as drawings.

Video camera recording

Please don’t do that.

After saving

When you have your video saved, you can transfer it to one of the video hostings. I recomend Gfycat due to it’s ease of use and convenience of watching. Just press the “upload” button in the bottom right corner. After that feel free to post your videos to our site (link for upload).