What is potg and highlight?

PotG is a short form of Play of the Game. In Overwatch after each match an algorithm inspects the game and presents a most exciting moment as Play of the Game. Duration of PotG is 10 seconds, this also means that to make a PotG you need to perform something remarkable in a ten seconds span.

A highlight is quite similar – it is an interesting moment from the game, but not mandatory the best one. When somebody records a video from the game where something cool was captured – that is a typical highlight. There is also an innate tool in the Overwatch client which selects highlights from your last games; you can find it in the menu after at least one played game.

So all Plays of the Game are highlights, but not all highlights must be PotGs.



The formula of PotG is not public, but from players’ experience it can be concluded that 4 main factors matter:

  • High Score – abstract scores given for killing or resurrecting enemies. For the moment this is the most popular category of PotGs.
  • Sharpshooting – precision kills from long distance.
  • Lifesaving – when an imminent death was prevented. The most rare type of PotGs, some people are not even sure that such type of PotGs exists.
  • Shutdown – when an enemy’s ultimate was prevented by killing it’s initiator.

As usual a Play of the Game is quite honest – the best performer get it’s tribute. But sometimes, specially when the match was short, the PotG might be ridiculously  weird and funny. On this site we try to collect the best of two and categorize them with corresponding tags for our guests’ convenience.